Guide to Indian Visa for Cruise Travelers


Cruise travelers planning to visit India must understand the specific visa requirements and procedures to ensure a smooth entry into the country. This guide provides detailed information on the types of INDIAN VISA FOR CRUISE available, application procedures, requirements, and tips for a successful application for cruise passengers.

Types of Indian Visas for Cruise Travelers

  1. Tourist Visa (T Visa)
    • Purpose: For tourists arriving via cruise ships for sightseeing and leisure activities.
    • Duration: Valid for up to 10 years with multiple entries allowed, depending on visa type.
  2. E-Visa (Electronic Travel Authorization)
    • Purpose: For short-term visits up to 60 days for tourism, business, medical treatment, or conferences.
    • Duration: Single or multiple entries, depending on the visa type.

Visa Application Process for Cruise Passengers

  1. E-Visa Application
    • Apply online through the Indian Visa Application portal (
    • Complete the application form with personal details, passport information, and travel itinerary.
  2. Documents Required
    • Valid passport with at least six months validity from the date of arrival.
    • Recent passport-size photograph meeting Indian visa photo requirements.
    • Proof of cruise booking and itinerary.
    • Details of accommodation in India (if applicable).
  3. Payment of Visa Fee
    • Pay the visa fee online using a credit or debit card.
  4. Approval Process
    • Receive an electronic travel authorization (ETA) or visa approval via email.
    • Print the ETA and carry it along with your passport for entry into India.

Port of Entry Procedures

  1. Cruise Terminal Immigration
    • Upon arrival at the Indian cruise terminal, proceed to the immigration counter for visa verification.
    • Present your passport, ETA, and any supporting documents as requested by immigration officials.
  2. Customs Clearance
    • Declare any goods or items as per Indian customs regulations.
    • Follow instructions for customs clearance at the port of entry.

Tips for Cruise Passengers

  • Advance Planning: Apply for your Indian visa well in advance of your cruise departure date.
  • Documentation: Ensure all required documents are accurate and readily accessible during immigration checks.
  • Health and Safety: Familiarize yourself with health precautions and vaccinations recommended for travel to India.


Navigating INDIAN VISA FOR DENMARK CITIZENS requirements for cruise travelers involves understanding the visa types, application process, and entry procedures at Indian ports of entry. By following the guidelines outlined in this guide, cruise passengers can ensure a seamless travel experience and fully enjoy their visit to India.

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