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The ability to adjust the brightness of your console’s power indicator is one of several nifty features included in the PlayStation 5’s next console update beta.

While ‘Bright’ is the indicator’s standard level of illumination, those taking part in the beta will also be able select either ‘Medium’ or ‘Dim’, if they so desire.

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New Share Screen interactions in the form of pointers and emoji reactions will also be available. Participants viewing Share Screen in fullscreen mode can send these emojis to a host as a way to provide encouragement and celebrations.

Pointers, meanwhile, will allow viewers to highlight objects and areas as a way of providing guidance. I am sure this will only ever be used with the best intentions.

The DualSense controller (including Edge) is not getting neglected during this beta. PlayStation has updated its controller software to improve the sound features. These improvements include enabling the controller speakers to produce a higher sound and better noise cancellation.

“The mic input quality on these controllers has been improved, courtesy of a new AI machine learning model. Background noise from button presses and game audio are suppressed, resulting in a better voice chat experience,” PlayStation explained.

The company said it is looking forward to hearing any and all feedback back on its latest PS5 beta. It plans to release the update globally “in the coming months”, but notes that some features mentioned here may not make it into the final version or “may see significant changes”.

PS5 beta brightness adjustments

Image credit: PlayStation

Elsewhere in PlayStation 5 news, it was recently revealed a remake of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was once being considered. The platform already has several remakes and remasters of its other IPs available, including The Last of Us Part 1 and Part 2 and Demon’s Souls.


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