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The upcoming free-to-play skateboard sim, Skate, will be available on PC via Steam.

The news was confirmed by lead creative writer Cuz Parry, who revealed that the fan-favourite skating game would be coming to PC via Steam for the very first time in a Q&A video posted to YouTube just a couple of days before the holidays.

We Read Your Comments | skate.

We Read Your Comments | skate

As PC Gamer points out, the news went largely unnoticed at the time, so it was only when the social media team confirmed it was “stoked to announce Skate will be available on Steam for PC players” earlier this week that news began to spread.

That hasn’t brought us any closer to a release date, though, I’m afraid. Parry did reveal, however, that console testing will begin “sometime” later this year, and was “100 per cent” sure that Skate would be out before 2050…

This time last year, EA confirmed that Skate would not have paid loot boxes and would not be pay-to-win, as well as insisted that there would be “no map areas locked behind paywall, no paid loot boxes, and no paid gameplay advantages”.

That does leave room for loot boxes tied to in-game currencies, of course, but you reportedly won’t be able to purchase them with your real-life money.


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